Little Obediences

I was studying in preparation for teaching Romans 12. When I am studying a passage, I like to read it several times and “digest” it slowly. In that process I often ask GOD questions. Some of the questions are because I do not understand the scripture and some are how to apply the passage to my life. As a teacher of GOD’s precious WORD, I know that I must take it in and let it work its way in me before I teach it to others. This was the passage and this was the question that exploded in my life!

I urge you therefore, brethren, to present your bodies a living sacrifice, acceptable to GOD, which is your spiritual service of worship. Romans 12:1

“Yes, LORD, I agree that You want me to present myself to You, as a living sacrifice. What does that look like? How do I do it?”

      A couple of days after I had studied and asked the question, the LORD pulled back the covering on my heart and let me see that life is filled with “little obediences”- millions of moments of obedience or disobedience that seem inconsequential- flossing your teeth, picking up your clothes, buckling the seat belt, closing cabinet doors, filing a paper, keeping your clocks on accurate time, being on time, returning something you borrowed, saying thank you, etc, etc, etc. Individually, they seem inconsequential, but when stacked one on the others and piled up together, they form a pattern that shows me where I am flirting with rebellion and where am I surrendering in obedience. Being a living sacrifice is presenting my body in the little moments- the little decisions and actions- that occur throughout the day.

And then He brought it home to me…

      I had slipped into a pattern of buckling the seat belt or putting on my glasses as I am moving in the car. And then I realize that I need to recharge my phone- so I fumble in my purse to get it plugged in. All of this takes only a minute or two, but that is a minute or two of distracted driving because I did not wait until I was prepared to charge forward.

      These three “little obediences” are preparation for safe driving. The seat belt protects me in the event of an accident, the glasses provide clear vision, and the phone keeps me connected. They are preparation and protection as I am driving down the road.

      These three “little obediences” are also great big pictures of GOD’s work of preparation and protection. I must be girded in the LORD, filled with His truth and His Spirit before I get out on the road (the seatbelt). I must know His view, His wisdom, His insight before I speak or act (the glasses). I must always be ready to receive His call (the phone).
      The “little obediences” are the places where we are being trained and equipped to answer GOD when He is calling forth a big obedience. They are moments tucked in and around every day to remind me of GOD’s unfailing love. They are moments of pure worship as I present my body a living sacrifice!
      Oh, thank you LORD for slipping into the ordinary of every day and exploding your presence as I present myself to You.
Posted by LeAnn Tyer at 13:31

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