Quick Remedy

My son Matt has an old Jeep that is sturdy and fun to drive, but not always trustworthy. He and my husband, Ron, were working hard to get it started when they discovered that the problem was that it was out of fuel. A simple solution- put some fuel in the tank. The Jeep fired up and Matt drove away.
Yesterday, I picked up the small vacuum cleaner to clean my rugs and it did not have very much pull. I plugged it in to recharge and nothing happened. Ron looked at it more closely and discovered the connection between the plug and the vacuum had pulled loose. It is recharging and will be ready to go.
Are there places that are not working because they are not filled or because the connection is loose? Are there areas where turning to YOU, O LORD GOD, will quickly remedy the situation? Show me!
Posted by LeAnn Tyer at 13:30

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